Alignment with Mini-Mountains – the Garnet family

Although the Red Garnet is the best-known member of the Garnet family, the family is, in fact, one of the largest and most diverse stone families, consisting of many different gemstone varieties. 

Members of the Garnet family have an interesting impact on humans.  By its nature, Garnet creates impact that can be quite different, depending upon the individual.  It can inspire both serenity and passion; balance and in-balance; energizing or demoralizing.  Which impact the stone has depends greatly upon the survival instinct of the human being.

The impact of Garnet for aware and awake Hybrids is that of renewal and balance; activating the survival instinct in such a manner that it creates a sense of courage and stamina in the face of challenge and adversity.  In this manner, Garnet is most valuable for the Middle Adult agendas, as they are very action oriented, requiring more stamina (in particular) than the other agendas.

Lumen enjoy being in the company of Garnets.  As Lumen consider all of the Stone families to be alive and communicative, their relationships to each family differs by the personality of the Stone family.  Lumen enjoy the Garnet family due to the diversity of ‘personality’.  For Lumen, the Garnet family is the most warm and welcoming of the families.  It simply feels good to a Lumen to be in their presence. 

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