Alignment with Mini-Mountains – the Jade family

When We, the Mountains of the World, speak of Jade, we are speaking of Jadeite and Nephrite.  We are not speaking of the substitutes for Jade that appear to often be labeled as Jade. We point this out as the difference in energy is substantial.

Jade, as the term is meant to be used, is only the two stones We noted above.  With this clarity, We can speak further to the impact of these members of the Jade family.

For Humans, the energy of Jade can bring good luck and beneficial outcomes.  Note the word ‘can’…Jade is the only stone that is present enough with humans that, depending upon the frequency of the human and the karma created thus far in this lifetime or, sometimes, carried over from other lifetimes, Jade can also bring bad luck and harmful outcomes.  Jade is rather fickle in this regard.

When interacting with an aware and awake Hybrid, one with consistency and commitment to their agenda, Jade becomes a very impressive and supportive stone.  That is when the good luck, beneficial results, positive vibe, and valuable insights can be counted on.  With an aware and awake Hybrid, Jade is utterly wonderful to befriend.

Jade adores Lumen.  Although fickle with Humans and delightful with Hybrids, Jade becomes dazzling in its abilities when in the presence of a Luman.  If you happen on Jade and feel a buzzing, you know it has been in the presence of a Luman most recently.  And, as a Hybrid, you can benefit from that presence.

And again, We are referring to ‘real Jade’; a very complicated and powerful stone family.

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