Aligning with Mini-Mountains – the Opal Family

The Opal family is unique in its lack of crystalline structure and percentage of water within the stone composition.  For your scientist, these are two interesting facts.  For the Cosmos, this creates a vastly different energy system and therefore ability to impact Humans and Hybrids.

For Humans, Opals have the nasty tendency of bringing the humans characteristics and traits to awareness and observation.  This often includes not just the human in relationship with the Opal, it can also include other humans in the sphere of the opal.  For this reason, it is not unusual for those not wanting to examine their depths and therefore evolve, to shun the energy of Opal.  For humans interested in evolving their consciousness, Opal can be extremely helpful although not always nice.

For Hybrids, especially those aware and awake, Opals is a partner in development.  As you are moving toward optimizing your Luman Soul DNA and therefore your Hybrid self, being in the presence of Opal, is quite beneficial.  It is like taking a short cut in development. Such is the power of Opal for a Hybrid.

When Lumen are in the presence of Opal, the stone is immediately energized and becomes more of a sling-shot trajectory toward optimization than simply a short cut.  Being in the energy of an Opal who has recently spent time with a Luman creates the feeling of warping time and space to create an outcome in a timeline impossible for the human brain to conceive. 

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