Aligning with Mini-Mountains – the Quartz Family

The Quartz family is the second most predominant on the Earth plane with more gemstone varieties than any other family.  What makes the Quartz family of great interest to Hybrids and Lumen is the lesser known classification based upon the ‘invisible’ crystal structureThe most common types of quartz are Amethyst, Citrine, Jasper, Quartz, Agate and Onyx. Of these, only the latter two are considered cryptocrystalline.  The cryptocrystalline grouping is generally known as ‘chalcedony’ and includes agate, onyx, carnelian, chrysoprase, and sard.  It is this group of cryptocrystalline quartz mini-mountains that are most beneficial to Hybrids and Lumen.

For Humans, quartz is greatly beneficial.  It is often referred to as the ‘master healer’.  Wearing clear quartz or having it in their physical vicinity can assist with balancing their energy, drawing off the negative energy aspects and amplifying the positive.  Humans have been aware of this for eons and are wise to continue to interact with these stones.

For Hybrids, the Quartz family is also beneficial. Quartz provides the same benefits to the physical bodies of Hybrids that it does to the physical bodies of Humans.  This is where the similarity ends.  For Hybrids, the chalcedony grouping within the Quartz family can assist Hybrids in strengthening their psychic abilities.  Which of the stones is best suited to the individual Hybrid is based upon the relationship that Hybrid has chosen to have with the stone.  Chalcedony Quartz can be a challenging energy and is not for all Hybrids.  Be aware when you, as a Hybrid, interact with Chalcedony Quarts…it may be quite off setting.

Lumen have an interesting effect on the structures of the macro-crystalline stones within the Quartz family.  This is the family of stones intended to draw away any negative energy the Luman may have absorbed unintentionally.  For this reason, it is quite common for a Luman to keep clear quartz in their energy field.  It is a ‘drain detector’ for Lumen.

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