Aligning with Mini-Mountains – The Spinel Family

We, the Mountains of the World, particularly enjoy the Spinel family of mini-mountains.  For Us, these stones are some of the most beautiful.  They create the energy of encouragement for any being – Human, Hybrid, Luman, plant, animal, Mountain – when they are dealing with challenges.  To be able to provide this type of support across such a large range of frequencies (for each of those groups supported carry their own frequency) requires incredible intelligence and compassion.  We believe they are able to accomplish so much due to their singly refractive structure.  The Spinel family is most beautiful for this reason.

Hybrids are particularly impacted by the energy frequency which supports releasing resistance.  Shifting from the perspective of a Human to the perspective of a Hybrid can be very disconcerting.  If you are having difficulty with this transition, bring spinel into your energy.  The best known of the spinel family is the Sapphire spinel although the stone comes in many colors.  Simply having a small piece of spinel in your pocket or in a piece of jewelry you are wearing is all it will take.  Again, this is a most amazing member of the mini-mountain family.  A small piece is all it takes.

Lumen do not seem to have any necessary or natural impact on Spinel stones.  We, the Mountains of the World, are not certain why this is other than…what could they do to improve upon this incredible mini-mountain family???

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