Aligning with Mini-Mountains – The Spodumene Family

The Spodumene family of stones is diverse ranging from industrial grade Spodumene, the primary source for mineral lithium, and gem quality Spodumene, the stone known as Kunzite.  The comparatively recent discovery of gem quality Spodumene is due to the fact that Spodumene is seldom found by itself but rather in combination with other minerals.

The two ‘grades’ of Spodumene are so different in their effect on the Human body.  This is not necessarily true of their effect on Hybrids or the Luman effect on Spodumene.

For Humans, gem quality Spodumene, Kunzite, reacts with the heart center of the individual, affecting their thoughts and feelings about themselves and others.  Depending upon the individual and any recent engagement by a Luman with the particular stone, these feelings can range from a ‘burst of love’ to a sense of ‘deep peace’.  The response to the stone is largely due to the needs of the Human interacting with the mini-mountain.  We, the Mountains of the World, have been known to smile when We experience some of the human drama resulting from an interaction with the energy of Kunzite.

For Hybrids, this mini-mountain supports an expansion of self-awareness, whether in the form of expansion of consciousness, a deepening of intuition, or a calming of the ‘drama’ resulting from believing themselves to be human.  In this way, members of the Spodumene family can create delightful impact.

When members of the Spodumene family are in the presence of Lumen, they tend to slow their frequency, allowing more and more of the impact to reach more and more of the human population.  Kunzite, especially, is an extremely high frequency stone.  By showing the frequency, it allows the Kunzite to be mover affective in relationship with Humans and some Hybrids.

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