Aligning with Mini-Mountains – The Topaz Family

We, the Mountains of the World, believe the Topaz family to be one of the most valuable stones for Humans on the Earth plane. Topaz was not originally intended to primarily support humans, however, as the evolutionary process has occurred, the beneficial aspects of Topaz which support humans in aligning with their own energy systems is becoming more and more critical.  At this moment, most humans are decidedly no tin alignment with themselves.  Topaz can support this realignment resulting in the energy systems being recharged and renewed. 

Hybrids, once aware and awake, naturally realign with their conscious understanding of themselves.  Further, when Hybrids do realign, they are beyond the frequency reach of the Topaz family in general and those that are within their frequency band are often not inclined to reach to support a Hybrid when they can utilize their energy to support humanity.

Lumen assist in recharging members of the Topaz family when in their presence.  This recharging can appear to ‘light up’ the Topaz, causing people to believe it has been ‘heated’ and to assume human intervention. It was an occurrence with a Luman in connection with a number of Topaz stones that created the first Imperial Topaz…an exceedingly rare stone indeed as it is only occurs when a Luman is in the presence of a Topaz stone.

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