Aligning with Mini-Mountains – The Tourmaline Family

We, the Mountains of the World, consider members of the Tourmaline family to be some of the most important of the mini-mountains. Their effect on all, Humans, Hybrids, Luman and elementals, is important and impactive.

For Us, Tourmaline is the stone of Purpose.  Its frequency supports a complete and conscious understanding of individual purpose for all beings in its presence.  This is why it is so valuable for the current Earth plane transition.  It is only through conscious awareness that beings on the Earth plane are able to follow their knowing and align to their purpose.

Different of the Tourmaline family members can best support Humans, Hybrids and Lumen. 

Schorl or black Tourmaline carries a frequency most easily accessed by Humans.  Having ‘black tourmaline’ in their presence supports awareness and understanding.

For Hybrids, the stone known as Pink Tourmaline is most helpful.  Although Hybrids are often very aware of their purpose and intention for their Earth iteration, confusion can occur.  Having a Pint tourmaline in their presence when such occurs can quickly return calm and order to their conscious thinking.

Tourmaline is a stone which positively impacts any Luman walking the Earth plane.  Tourmaline, especially the stone known as Watermelon Tourmaline (a specific blend of frequency) brings clarity if there is confusion and insight when there is not.

For these reasons We honor Tourmaline and its many benefits.

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