Aligning with Mini-Mountains – The Zircon Family

We, the Mountains of the World, align to the Zircon family.  We have been in alignment for billions of years and look forward to continuing our alignment.  The Zircon family, the natural Zircon family, brings the energy of ‘made manifest’ to the Earth plane.

Many other of the mini-mountain families operate on the etheric or cosmic plane.  Zircon brings that which has been created in the ethers into physical form.  It is for this reason that a man-made product is also called by the name Zircon.  Due to its powerful properties, humans have a difficult time in the presence of Zircon.  In fact, this stone is best avoided by humans, especially souls in human form who are low on the evolutionary scale.  Zircon is of such a frequency and intelligence that We have known it to ‘get lost’ when in the presence of a human who would not benefit by its frequency.

Hybrids, especially aware and awake high Hybrids, benefits greatly from the frequency of Zircon.  One of the many responsibilities of Hybrids is to ‘make manifest’, to bring into form that which has been conceived in the etheric or cosmic realm.  Zircon can assist with this task.

Some of the Zircon family, especially the colorless members, become especially powerful after having been in the company of a Luman.  For this reason, We often ‘hide’ Zircon stones that have been activated by Luman energy.  They are simply to ‘hot to handle’.

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