Aligning with Mini-Mountains – The Zoisite Family

And finally, We come to the Zoisite family, a wonderful mini-mountain family that is most unusual as its members seem to keep themselves to themselves and are only found in specific spots on the Earth plane.  One of the reasons this occurs is the interconnection between the different stones Zoisite is found in harmony with and the various forms of Zoisite.  The best known of this family is the stone called Tanzanite, found only in Tanzania.

For Humans, Zoisite is a stone frequency rich in possibilities…luckily (in Our opinion) possibilities only those who are acting in the best interest of the human race and Gaia can access.  Zoisite primarily provides humans with ‘the frequency of direction’. By this, We mean, it supports their thinking and taking action in the manner most in alignment with their soul’s intentions.

For Hybrids, this stone family is also very rich in possibilities.  Hybrids are well advised to be in the company of members of the Zoisite family when they are feeling out of touch with communication from the higher frequencies.  This alone, makes the Zoisite family very important to Hybrids, especially those who are just beginning to develop their intuitive knowing.

Members of the Zoisite family are directly impacted by being in the energy of a Luman.  This impact results in the stones being able to transmute their frequency, the frequency of possibilities, to all other stones around them.   If you happen upon a ‘magical’ place, know it is very probable a Luman has activated the ‘sharing power’ of Zoisite stones in that space.

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