Reminder of the Benefits of Mini-Mountains

As We, the Mountains of the World, have shared the many and various benefits of the different families of mini-mountains.  With this information and your own internal knowing, be you advanced Human, Hybrid, or Luman, you are now empowered to support yourself as you deem most appropriate.

The unique energies of that ‘family’ and to the impact provided by those unique energies can and will support you as you continue to evolve, becoming more awake and aware.  The alignments may require long relationships or short, infrequency connections. That is for you, the aware and awake Hybrid (or advanced Human or Earth bound Luman) to determine. 

We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you consider each of these families and which may be most helpful for you in your Earth agenda.  Secondly, consider which of these families may be of most value to you as you interface with Humans in the work of your Earth agenda.

Enjoy engaging with these mini-mountains…We do.

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