Engaging Your Purpose

We, the Mountains of the World, are very hesitant to use the term ‘purpose’ as it carries so many heavy connotations.  In this format, We are referring to all that you do naturally and without thought.  And, for some of you, that which you have shunned as someone else’s responsibility.

The Earth plane needs Hybrids (You) to return to your knowing; to psychologically and physically react to that which you innately know (even if they have tried desperately to forget it); and to begin to take action.

This action is not earth life threatening…rather, it operates in the unseen and, for the vast number of souls on the Earth plane, the unknown.  These actions relate to the attributes and tools available to all Hybrids.  These actions are an awakening (or re-awakening) of your Hybrid Self.

Again We say – Welcome Home!

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