Learning about Thoughts

We, the Mountains of the World, have told you over and over again…’As a Hybrid, your thoughts become things much faster and more significantly than mere mortals!’. 

Because you have not, up until now, actually experienced that scenario, We don’t think you believed us.

The frequency shift is transitioning into the energy sphere where this occurs frequently and with great robustness…you can’t miss it.

If you have been impacted by a series of events which seem to be conspiring against your calm and happy life, it is due to the fact that You, your Hybrid self, has entered this paradigm.

Our recommendation to you:

  • Focus on Positive Thoughts;
  • Recognize that all that occurs in your life has your ‘thought print’ all over it (it always did…it is now more obvious);
  • Notice the alignment of events in your life – good, bad an insignificant – that align to your thoughts;
  • Focus on Positive Thoughts!

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