About Others – From Learning to Experiencing

We, the Mountains of the World, have shared what We have to share.  You now have Our information regarding the Hybrid being; Hybrid traits an talents; Hybrid interactions with Lumen and Humans; and the various roles of Hybrids.

It is now time to shift from learning to experiencing.

The first step in this process is the one We shared earlier…the impact of your thoughts.

The second step, as We notice it occurring, is to begin experiencing others (Humans primarily) as they interact with this changing frequency.  In your experiencing, We recommend you pay attention to:

  • Their level of fear as the unknown continues to invade the ‘safe haven’ of their man-made world;
  • Their level of Outrage at anyone who does not align to their level of Fear;
  • Their apparent willingness to step beyond whatever the culture defines as an appropriate response to outrage;
  • And the resulting increase in fear and desolation.

To those of you who have listened, We have provided the information;

The Universe is now providing the experiencing.

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