Thriving within the Fear

It is easy, from Our perspective, to tell you that you are safe and protected. 

It is easy, from Our perspective, to ask you to step into your Hybrid role, a role that could easily further frighten much of the human population on the Earth plane.

And, from Our perspective, We, the Mountains of the World, see you question Our knowing…our understanding of safely for a human body.

It is for this reason that We would like to recommend how you might choose to thrive during this time of fear, for thriving is what you, the Hybrid soul, were intended to do during this period of evolution.

First, We use the word ‘thrive’ rather than ‘survive’ very intentionally.  As We watch your actions, for the most part those of you who are Hybrids appear to be very good at surviving.

Shifting from surviving to thriving is very simple – it is a matter of acceptance and focus. When you begin to accept who you are and the talents and skills you have AND to focus on utilizing them for the highest and best of the Earth plane and humanity…then you shift from survive to thrive. 

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