Surviving is Good – Thriving is Excellent

We, the Mountains of the World, have no issue with simply surviving during times of high stress and conflict.  Surviving is the first step in maintaining your ability to impact the moment and thus the outcome.

We are simply recommending that, surviving is for Humans…those wonderful souls on the Earth plane at this time who are undertaking to do their very best in each moment and, by such, survive to the next moment.  Theirs is the job of personal soul evolution.

You, on the other hand, you who chose to integrate Luman Soul DNA with your Human Soul DNA for this iteration (at least), have a bit of a different soul agenda…

You came to be a change maker. As such, you responsibility to Self, Humanity, and Mother Earth (Gaia) is to yes, first survive, then to move beyond survival to thriving.

By moving beyond survival, you step into your role of change maker…you become the guiding light for others to experience and potentially even replicate (to the best of their ability).

And, as We stated in our last communication, this shift is a simple one…

  • Accept your decision (at a Soul level) to integrate Luman Soul DNA with your Human Soul DNA;
  • Acknowledge that in doing so, you chose to become a change maker during this time of Earth transition;
  • become Aware of your unique talents and skills as a Hybrid change maker;
  • Activate those talents and skills into your dialing living. Make them a part of your Earth experience as much as you have made breathing a part of that experience.

Accept…Acknowledge…become Aware…and Activate!

‘Easy peasy’ (from Our perspective)

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