Hybrid Talents and Skills

Oh…you have forgotten the unique talents and skills you chose to bring with you for this Earth iteration OR you simply do not want to take on the role you agreed to!  In either case, We, the Mountains of the World, are here to remind you of these wonderful and perhaps daunting Hybrid talents and skills.

First – Impacting Thoughts

Second – Affecting Time and Space

Third – Balancing Fear and Joy

Fourth – Reframing Perspectives

Fifth – Converting and Moving Energy

You, as a Hybrid being, have several additional talents and skills which We are more than happy to share once we see you begin to accept and integrate any of the five We have noted here.

Consider any of these…

  • How might you accept it?
  • How might you integrate it into your Hybrid life?
  • How might your life change once you have integrated it?

Sit…think…consider…and begin to accept.

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