Living the Hybrid Skill of Reframing Perspectives

Let Us begin with the simplest and most straight forward of the Hybrid talents…the talent of reframing perspectives.

We, the Mountains of the World, know that many of you are known by your friends and fellow cohorts on the Earth plane as reframing your perspective of any situation.  In fact, many in those groups look to you to do just that…make sense of what they deem to be nonsense. 

What you have not understood is that this reframing of perspectives in the conscious physical is also possible, perhaps even more dynamically possible, in the conscious non-physical…via astral travel and/or bilocation.

You, the Hybrid, when you practice this talent and allow it to become a skill (in Our minds a talent is a possibility and a skill is a talent which has become real through acceptance and practice) you are able to reframe the thinking of multitudes. 

As with any other Hybrid talent or skill, the effect of such involvement only occurs when your intention is in alignment with the Cosmic ‘highest and best’.

To develop this Hybrid talent into a Hybrid skill takes only four steps:

  1. Become aware and accept you have the Hybrid talent of Reframing Perspectives;
  2. Identify a situation (larger than yourself) that you believe would benefit by being reframed. Notice the level of self you are operating from when identifying the situation…if only the physical self, let it go (that is ego). If from the Cosmic you (the true Hybrid you), the move to step 3;
  3. Focus on sending the energy of the reframed perspective to the individuals most able to create the shift.  This ‘sending’ may be hundreds or thousands of miles away or may be to the community in which you physically live;
  4. Believe you positively impacted the situation from the perspective of the Cosmos…the Universe…The Divine/The All.

Four simple steps. 

Are you ready?

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