Living the Hybrid Skill of Balancing Fear and Joy

A second Hybrid talent We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you develop into a skill is the ability to balance Fear and Joy. 

At this time on the Earth plane, Fear is the dominate energy being ingested into nearly all of the societies of the World.  Fear is being breathed into the fabric of every living being and is very pervasive in its ability to shift thinking and action.

Shifting energy from Fear to Joy first engages the Hybrid ability to shift perspective.

Once a Hybrid soul has developed the talent of shifting perspective into a skill, then they (you) are able to shift energy from Fear to Joy. 

While you may not be able to appreciate all you are capable of doing by shifting perspectives, surely you can understand the immense value of shifting from the energy of Fear (a very low-level, reptilian format) to the energy of Joy (a very high-level cosmic force).

We leave you to ponder this possibility.  Please consider those things occurring on the Earth plane that cause you the greatest amount of Fear.  See how much Fear you are generating. Then consider the impact you will have when you shift your perspective from Fear to Joy.

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