Living the Hybrid Skill of Balancing Fear and Joy

December 25, 2020 – Living the Hybrid Skill of Balancing Fear and Joy

While We, the Mountains of the World, consider the possibility of shifting perspective as a small leap for most awakening Hybrids, We consider the balancing of Fear and Joy to be a more major step.

Thus, We decided to let this concept ‘percolate’ a bit (as we understand the concept) before we move to the process…a two-step process.

This is the two-step process:

  1. Simply decide the event/situation/group/scenario does not create Fear for you.  You may not like it…you may wish it was not occurring…you may want to not even engage the fear in the scenario.

We recommend is that you see the Fear as a human phenomenon; that at a soul level nothing is fearful or fear-based; all is simply a situation.  Once you pull your own fear energy from the situation/event/group/scenario you are able to more see it from a different perspective.

  • Shift your perspective to one of Joy…see the situation/event/group/scenario as something capable of creating a long-term positive – even joyful – effect.  Since Joy is a higher frequency than Fear, others will follow simply because, for the vast majority of humanity, they prefer the energy, the feel if you will, of Joy over Fear.

Once you have shifted your perspective to one of Joy, you are able to affect others and that in turn reduces the energy focused on Fear…which then leads to less Fear being realized by the situation/event/group/scenario.  And it becomes less ‘fun’!

Now are you beginning to realize how important it is to practice your talents, so they become skills? 

Now are you beginning to understand the role at this time in Earth history of you, the Hybrid soul?

You came as a Hybrid at this time because you knew as a Soul your effect…now know as a conscious Hybrid in human form!

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