Living the Hybrid Talent of Impacting Thoughts

This, We, the Mountains of the World, describe as the fourth level of Hybrid talent.  The talent of impacting thoughts. 

Once you, the Hybrid you, have transitioned the talents of Reframing Perspectives and Balancing Fear and Joy to actual Hybrid skills, you are ready to move onto transitioning the talent of Impacting Thought to a skill level.

The order of development is important…first, you have to build a skill of reframing a perspective; then a skill of balancing Fear and Joy which can take some time as many of you prefer to live in the human phenomena of Fear.  Becoming skilled at balancing Fear and Joy involves becoming aware when you are affecting live from a Fear perspective. 

With these talents now developed as skills, you are ready to begin developing the talent of impacting thoughts. 

Let Us review some of the greatest hurdles in transitioning this talent to a skill level:

  • As most of you have lived this Earth iteration (and many others) from a Human perspective, the natural approach is to ‘bludgeon’ the other with the thoughts you believe best benefits them and the Universe.  You may have believed this approach has worked for you…it has not.  It only appeared to work for you due to the command and control paradigm lived on the Earth plane.
  • Instead, developing this talent requires you, the Hybrid you, to coax other individuals (and non-beings) into a different way of thinking.  This is the preferred method and it is this method which has lasting impact.
  • Coaxing a possible shift in thought is best done through patience and gentle persuasion based upon the other being’s awareness of how they desire to live like you…with less stress and fewer worries.

This is not easy and often requires a great deal of patience.

Oh, and have We told you that the time is quickening?  Have We shared with you how quickly you need to develop these talents into skills?

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