Quickly Perfecting the Skill of Impacting Thoughts

Yes, time is quickening.  You can feel it and We know it to be true.

That said, quickly perfecting your Hybrid talent of impacting the thoughts to a Hybrid skill is of great importance.  Your first step in this is to develop the skill of impacting your own thoughts from traditional ‘Human thoughts’ to your more comfortable ‘Hybrid thoughts’. Once you have relearned your own natural thinking and become practiced in thinking ‘Hybrid’ thoughts, you are then able to impact the thoughts of others. 

We, the Mountains of the World, consider this the third in a natural (although not linear) flow of developing talents into skills. Shifting your own thoughts from Human to Hybrid and becoming aware of which ones are most challenging to shift, provides you with an awareness of which thoughts/perspectives/truths are most challenging for the traditional Human or less evolved Hybrid to shift.

This process of shifting/impacting your own thoughts first provides you, the Hybrid you, with the patience and insight to successfully impact the thoughts of others.

Begin with yourself…your own thoughts/perspectives/truths.  Understanding why you hold those thoughts/perspectives/truths from a Hybrid Soul perspective allows for great expansion and joy. 

Practice – Become Aware – And Reframe…What fun!

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