Living the Hybrid Skill of Converting Energy

While We, The Mountains of the World, have talked about perfecting your Hybrid skills, the nest two We are going to discuss require living them. They are the skills of Converting and Moving Energy and Affecting Time and Space.  And yes, they do go in concert with each other.

So how, you might ask, does a Hybrid live the skill of converting and moving energy.

The answers, We reply, is very simple.  The Hybrid you simply must believe you can convert energy from a lower form to a higher form and then move that energy to its best location.

If you think about it, you will realize you have seen this happen many times.  Sadly, more to the lowering of the frequency than the raising of the frequency.  If you think back to the past Earth year, it has been a study in converting energy to a lower level and then shuttling it to the locations deemed appropriate by those folks who are lowering it.

Many souls on the Earth plane have the ability to lower frequency…they do so by incorporating Fear into their message.

You, the Hybrid, have the ability to easily and significantly raise frequency.  We highly recommend you start the practice of such now. 

  • Living as a Hybrid, you naturally raise the frequency of all around you;
  • Because, as a Hybrid, you do not succumb to the Fear frequency…you live from the Joy frequency;
  • Living from the Joy frequency naturally raises the frequency around you.
  • You will know you are NOT living as a Hybrid when you begin to worry about the state of the world as championed by the Fear mongers…
  • You will know you are living as a Hybrid when you are able to engage the Fear frequency and raise it to a more Joyful frequency.

Begin living the Joy frequency and you will naturally Convert the energy around you.

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