Living the Hybrid Skill of Moving Converted Energy – Part 2

We, The Mountains of the World, trust you have now begun to engage in living your Hybrid skill of converting the frequency of the energy around you.

It is not time to play a bit…to move the higher frequency energy to different portions of the Earth plane.  This is a very easy process and a simple skill when you are in the Joy frequency.

To move the energy you have converted to a higher frequency, simply see it in the location you would like it to positively impact. See it from the Hawk view…not the Ant view. 

Let Us talk a bit about the effect of higher frequency energy.  Higher frequency energy can:

  • Increase solution-based thinking;
  • Reduce the impact of Fear frequency;
  • Provide uplifting perspectives;
  • And a general sense of well-being for all and with all.

You can choose to focus this higher frequency energy anywhere you please.  The Earth plane does not have enough of this type energy.

Begin by embracing the Joy frequency (being happy and positive for a start) and, once in the Joy energy, begin sending it to wherever you choose.  There is an unlimited supply…it simply has not been engaged.

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