Personal Effects of Frequency Shifts Part 2

Frequency is a very real and powerful element of this time in Earth history.  It as always been an impactful element…is it now becoming more so as The Divine/The All is using frequency to create the necessary shifts to return Gaia (the Earth plane) to her healthy self.

As a soul in a physical body, you are also being affected by the frequency shift, as are all of the souls in physical bodies.  Feeling the affect and not knowing what is occurring is the cause, in large part, for why the Fear quotient is so high at this time.  The discomfort of intuitive knowing (whether they trust that knowing or not) that something is different and not knowing what it is, provides a perfect ‘petri dish’ for Fear to take hold.

You, too, have been impacted by this.  You, too, are in the ‘petri dish’ We call the Earth plane.  However, you, the Hybrid you, the aware and aware Hybrid you, is learning what is actually creating this feeling of discomfort and are therefore able to understand it from a Joy quotient.

From this Joy position, you are an amazing model to assist mankind in releasing a portion of the Fear quotient many are immersed in.

Any release of Fear quotient assists The Divine/The All greatly.

Modeling Joy is your most important ‘job’ at this time!

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