Effects of Shifting Your Frequency

For you to model Joy, however, you need to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling.  So, let Us, The Mountains of the World, begin by addressing the potential effects of sifting your personal frequency.

When a soul in a physical body shifts their personal frequency (note: this is different shift than that which occurs when the entire Earth plane shifts frequency) the impact to the physical body can be…well…very physical.

The typically temporary impact can include:

  • Shifting from high energy to low energy for no apparent reason;
    • This typically creates an emotional impact which We will address in a bit.
  • Shifting of bodily functions.  These can include:
    • Constipation (psychologically trying to hold the old energy in) and diarrhea (a cellular desire to release all that is attached to the old frequency – this may include acidic type release which cannot be explained away by food selections)
    • Bloody nose (releasing angst) or a wound (however small) not healing as you are accustomed to healing (either slower or faster) (slower – attempting to hold Human frequency or faster – adjusting to Hybrid frequency)

And there are more….

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