Effects of Shifting Your Frequency Part 2

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to continue addressing the potential effects of shifting your personal frequency.

To continue, they may include:

  • Pain in certain areas of the body. These can include:
    • Pain in the solar plexus (a desire to hold or release more human frequency emotions);
    • Pain in the gut (a desire to hold or release history as a Human).  If this is followed by constipation (attempt to hold Human history) or diarrhea (releasing Human history).
    • Pain in joints, especially the knees (desire to move more or less quickly into your Hybrid knowing)
    • Pain in the jaw or hip joints (desire to hold or release ancestral physiological history…to be explained more when We discuss the psychological impacts of frequency shifts).
  • Headaches may result if you are moving too quickly.
    • Shifting frequency too quickly does not allow the body to absorb the ‘no longer needed’ brain cells to make way for the newly minted Hybrid brain cells.  A headache results when there are too many brain cells occupying the brain cavity in the body.

These are the primary physical affects which you may encounter as you shift your own personal frequency. 

  • We want you to be aware of and actually anticipate some of these affects;
  • We recommend you take care of your physical body in whatever manner you deem most appropriate;
  • We will support you as you continue to increase your personal frequency.

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