Physical Effects of Frequency Shift on Humans

We, the Mountains of the World, believe it is important for you, a Hybrid on the Earth plane, to understand how Humans, especially those with a low evolutionary level, are being impacted by the Frequency Shift.

Humans, primarily those who have a lower level of evolution (which accounts for nearly half of the those appearing as humans on the Earth plane at this time) are being significantly impacted by the frequency shirt.  The shift, which has been a very slow, continuing process, has now reached the point of physical human impact.

As in other times of the Earth history, a plague or pandemic (take your pick of words) is possible due to the physical impact on the human physical body. 

Where you may have aches and pains due to trying to hold onto the perception of being human, true Humans, especially those whose soul intention is to only experience a short duration of the frequency shift, will use it as an exit strategy.  The human consciousness will most likely not see it as an exit strategy…that is on the soul level. 

So…two things to be aware of:

  • Pandemics will continue in one form or another for a period of time until the souls who are intending to leave have departed.  This is a cosmic agreement.
  • There are several exit strategies during a pandemic beyond the virus exit strategy – these include what is known on the Earth plane as suicide and substance abuse…both well-known exit strategies.

We tell you this as a point of reference…an awareness if you will. Being aware of the difference in impact is very valuable for you as a Hybrid.

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