Challenges of the Emotional Effects

Now that We, the Mountains of the World, have explained the potential emotional impacts of your shift in frequency, We consider it appropriate to share the ‘circular effects’ of the challenges.

There are many benefits to the emotional shifts created by you aligning to the new frequencies.  We believe we have shared the basis of those.  For each, you, as a unique Hybrid, will experience the benefits differently. 

This said, let Us discuss some of the challenges you are very likely to experience during this time of frequency.  Specifically:

  • The feelings of being bipolar.  The challenge is learning to ride the highs and the lows and learn from both WITHOUT identifying with either.
  • The feelings of being disassociated from humanity.  The challenge is learning how to feel disconnected and acknowledge that, even with this feeling, you are actually more connected than you have been ever before, despite what you are feeling.
  • The development of your ‘magical’ powers.  The challenge is becoming subtle in your use of your skills (to most humans…magical power).  By being subtle in their use, you have less interference from fear-based thinking within the human populace.

These are the primary emotional affects which you may encounter as you shift your own personal frequency. 

  • We want you to be aware of and actually anticipate some of these affects;
  • We recommend you take care of your physical body in whatever manner you deem most appropriate. Without a healthy physical body, you will not be able to have the impact intended.
  • We will support you as you continue to increase your personal frequency.

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