Emotional Effects on Humans

As you, the Hybrid you, begin to understand the emotional effects of this frequency change and how to best handle them, you can also (due to your history of living as a human and your Human Soul DVA) are able to also understand and quite likely sympathize with the humans you know who are feeling the emotional effects of this frequency change.

The emotional effects on humans include cycles of:

  • Feelings of depression to a depth of considering suicide;
  • Feelings of lack of control often erupting in anger with no true focus;
  • Feeling of loss of status and thru such, worthiness as an individual;
  • And finally, feelings of deep despair and physical exhaustion resulting in depression…and the cycle continues.

As someone who has identified as a human for many years, you, too may feel theses same effects. Know they are simply you playing human.  To merge these effects with the Hybrid affects you will also be feeling can be…actually will be quite overwhelming.

We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you use these feelings to remind you of your inherent hybridness and move away from your identification with the human beingness.

Easier said than done?  So, let Us recommend some bridging tactics…

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