Bridging the Emotional Differences

So, the question We, the Mountains of the World, hear you ask is…how do you thrive in a world where the vast majority of the population (the Humans of the Earth plane) are in despair and despondent?

How do you live ‘as a human’ without the frequency shifts affecting you in this manner?

The answers are quite simple and, from Our perspective, quite straight forward…

You, the Hybrid, live as you are meant to live.  When you are in the public (surrounded by Humans) you simply listen and empathize.  Remember, it is not that long ago you considered yourself Human.  It is only now that you are beginning to understand the full affect of living as a Hybrid.

Before you only felt different – Now you understand the difference!

In your evolution into the acceptance of your Hybrid Self, this is a critical step!


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