More about Bridging the Emotional Differences

Now that We, the Mountains of the World, have explained the differences in emotional response to this frequency shift, We believe you have a clear path to expansion.

This allows you the ability…

  • To Listen to the concerns and understand the emotional impacts without living the emotional impacts;
  • To Empathize with the Humans without trying to BE a human;
  • To Understand the full affect of the difference of your hybridness as you, (despite potentially riding your own emotional waves with their highs and lows) are affected very differently;
  • And to NOT try to fix the humans!

They have their own path to follow.  For some the emotional response is an exit strategy; for others a soul learning; and for others, simply a human response. 

Your Hybrid task…understand what is occurring for you; notice what the humans around you are experiencing; empathize with their human experience; and then fully embrace your hybridness.

Yet again another opportunity to Embrace You!

Embrace Away!!!!!

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