Psychological Effects on Hybrids Continued

As We, the Mountains of the World, noted, there are three primary psychological effects created by living during this time of frequency shift.  Each has benefits and drawbacks. 

 The Paradox of Choice effect:  This is an effect that is based upon having too many options. The Hybrid you will encounter this as you will begin to see a much broader interpretation of events and therefore the possibilities each event creates.  Thus, you will perceive more options.  While this is a wonderful scenario, it can often leave someone who is accustomed to a clear-cut choice scenario some psychological confusion.

The way to clear up this confusion is to enter the space of knowing that no matter the number of options you perceive, all are functionally perfect.  You may like one more than another…and that does not impact their functional perfection.

Survivor Bias deals with the fact that humans (and some Hybrids) do not look deeply enough into a situation to understand the real ramifications of embarking upon such.  You see that it ‘worked’ for someone without asking how many attempted it and failed.  You will experience this to a great degree as you begin to embrace all of your Hybrid skills, developing them into talents.

To avoid some ‘mis-steps’ look a bit deeper into each less-known situation as you embark upon it.  Ask more questions.  We agree that you have a vast array of skills and talents…ask yourself if they are developed enough for the situation or if it would be wise to spend a bit more time developing your skills before embracing the situation.

The Hard-to-Reach effect is simply an energy that you will begin to project as you move further and further into living as the Hybrid you.  This can have the outcomes of you appearing mysterious, engendering groupies…or magical, engendering fear.

To live as the Hybrid, you without fear of this effect, simply be aware of how the Humans you are around respond to your energy.  If they are comfortable…you are fine.  If they are nervous, retract your Hybrid energy and appear more ‘normal’ when in their presence.

We encourage you to become aware of how you are being impacted by these psychological effects; adjust to them; and learn how to optimize each.

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