Psychological Effects of Shifting Your Frequency

If it is not enough that you, the Hybrid you, will be dealing with physical and emotional effects from the frequency shift you are experiencing, you will also be feeling some very interesting psychological effects as well.

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share with you the three primary effects that, if you are not already feeling them, will become noticeable and if you are feeling them, will become more intense.

Using terminology a psychologist might use they are:

  1. The Paradox of Choice
  2. Survivor Bias
  3. Hard-to-Reach Effect

Although there are other psychological effects being felt by Humans during this frequency transition, how a Hybrid encounters them can be vastly different than the Human experience.  As many of you have a significant amount of Human Soul DNA, you may well be impacted by either, both, all or a combination.  Also, the degree to which you have embraced your Hybrid self will determine the impact of each and all on your psyche.  We will go into that a bit later. For now, let Us focus on the three primary psychological effects you, the Hybrid, will encounter.

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