Psychological Effects on Humans

As We, the Mountains of the World, noted earlier.  There are also some distinct psychological effects of this frequency shift on the Humans around you.  They are:

The Paradox of Choice

The Clustering Illusion

The Pratfall Effect

Let Us go into more detail for each as We provide you with information on the changes you are currently experiencing, and which will become decidedly more distinct.

The Paradox of Choice: Although both Hybrids and Humans will be impacted by this paradox, the impact may well be very different.  For Humans, the awareness of more choices will often create such fear that no choices are made…in comparison to the Hybrid who may well intend to experience as many of the choices as possible.

As an aware and awake Hybrid, you may choose to attempt to assist the Humans to make a choice OR you may simply make your choice and move on as they stay frozen in place with too many options.  We encourage you to at least appear to attempt to assist!

The Clustering Illusion:  This illusion is best epitomized by individuals who trust ‘signs’ to determine their next steps or inform them of future events.  More and more Humans will begin to align to this type of thinking and begin to follow those individuals who have ‘proven’ their abilities in ‘illusion reading’ (also known as sign reading).

We highly encourage you to not try to make sense of this or reason with these Humans.  The degree to which they cling to the ‘sign’ and its purported information, the more stressed and traumatized they are.  Simply back away slowly and disengage.

More in a bit…

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