Psychological Effects on Humans Continued

As We, the Mountains of the World, promised…more on the psychological effects of the frequency shift on Humans…

And finally, the Pratfall Effect (or what We prefer to call it…The Minimizing Effect):  This is best described as the degree of comfort we feel when someone we know makes a mistake. Rather than encouraging that individual to stretch to their potential, this scenario has the Human who did not make the error, reduce themselves to a less effective position to make the other more comfortable (thus Our name). Humans will do this more and more as the frequency shifts in an attempt to stay balanced.  In actuality, this is removing them from the shift and will eventually create their exit strategy.

This is a tricky situation for a Hybrid to encounter.  Your first response may well be to sigh, ask the person to think again, and then simply be frustrated.  This response, although quite accurate, will not endear you to the Humans in your presence. Instead, We recommend you calmly and patiently move the group forward without directly interfacing with the ‘minimizer’. 

Quite significant; a bit tricky as you are being affected as well; and important to understand.  We never said it would be easy!

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