Bridging the Difference in Psychological Effects

As We have discussed, the differences in psychological effects is enormous and, quite frankly, nearly unbridgeable, especially for those Hybrids with more than 50% Luman Soul DNA. 

As a Hybrid with more than 50% Luman Soul DNA, your best bridging strategy is incredible patience.  Without practicing patience (with no eye rolls or pursing of lips), you will alienate yourself even further from humanity.  Although this may feel good in the moment, it is not what you, as a Soul, came to the Earth plane at this time to accomplish.

For those of you with more than 50% Human Soul DNA, you will find the ability to relate to the psychological effects much easier.  Your challenge is to engage your Hybrid knowing rather than backslide to your Human living. 

Neither challenge is small or inconsequential. We, the Mountains of the World, support you as you move forward in your soul evolution.

Onward amazing Hybrids.

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