Bridging the Difference in Psychological Effects

How comfortable you are with bridging the difference may well be an indicator of your degree of Human compared to Luman Soul DNA.  Any soul in the 60%/40% or 40%/60% ratios of Human to Luman Soul DNA will find it easier to bridge not only the psychological differences, the physical and emotional differences as well.

If you find yourself seeing no difference between you, the Hybrid, and the Humans you are around, you are likely less than 40% Luman Soul DNA.  You are still Hybrid!

If you find yourself less able to understand the Human perspective in relation to these scenarios, you are likely less than 40$ Human Soul DNA.  And you are still part Human.

Bridging these differences is a function of awareness.  The degree to which you do or do not perceive differences is an indicator (along with many others) of your ratio of Human or Luman Soul DNA.

Suffice it to say, We, the Mountains of the World, encourage you to know there are differences; understand what those differences may be informing you of/about; and align to safety without losing your Hybrid identity.

Said differently – Our Advice:

  • Be Aware of the Effects at play;
  • Be cognizant of the differences;
  • Be careful in your interactions with Humans when the effects are most noticeable;
  • Be true to your Hybrid self.

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