You Don’t Listen!!!!!

Oh no you don’t!

We know! We, the Mountains of the World, know you are not listening.  We hear from your Cosmic Support Teams that – despite their best efforts – you are not listening.

Why not? what they ask US and We have no response.

The frequency is such that these amazing support teams can directly interact with your thoughts, your dreams, your vision of the future.  They show you what is possible…they tell you how to create it…they provide insights to optimize your Hybrid magic…

And You Don’t Listen.

So, We agreed to bring this message to you on their behalf (and Our own).

  • Listen to your thoughts – especially when they don’t feel like your own.
  • Acknowledge the information provided in your dreams.  After acknowledgement, take it one step further and consider the message.
  • When you awaken with a concept or possibility, please do not discount it.  Consider it a message from your Cosmic Team!  Don’t worry about the ‘how’s’ of how it can occur and do not discount the fact that it can occur!

In each of these cases, simply ASK what, if anything, your Cosmic Support Team would like you to do/consider/be open to/etc.

Listen – Acknowledge – and Engage the Magic!

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