A Time for Serious Reframing

We, the Mountains of the World, have shared a great deal with you, the Hybrids of the Earth plane. 

  • We have shared why you feel different.
  • We have shared some of your talents.
  • We have shared how to transition a talent to a skill.
  • We have shared how you might experience the Earth transition differently from Humans.
  • We have spoken to your Hybrid agenda for this Earth iteration.

It is now time for You to do some of the work of truly becoming a Hybrid, thinking like a Hybrid, acting like a Hybrid (within reason and safety), and living like a Hybrid.

To so this, it appears (to Us anyway) that you need to be coached a bit…or hit over the head with a 2 X 4…to truly step into the Hybrid being you, as a soul, came to the Earth plane to be.

Therefore, the We shall endeavor to provide guidance on how best to reframe your current Human thinking.  A word of advice…this may be the most difficulty experience you have yet to experience in the world of ‘inner work’.


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