Thinking Like a Hybrid Part 1

We, the Mountains of the World, realized that We have not spoken to the differences between Human thoughts, Hybrid thoughts, and Luman thoughts.  We perceive it valuable for you to know when you have reframed a thought to know the difference between the three.

The information We are prepared to share has created quite a discussion in the Cosmic realm.  Many there feel that this discussion is not necessary; that once you have awakened to your Hybrid-ness this will all be obvious.  We convinced them that it appears this is not so for the many…perhaps the few…definitely not the many.

Thus, We shall proceed on a tutorial in ‘Thinking like a Hybrid’.

To being, thinking like a Hybrid is an expansive discussion as there are many iterations of Hybrid from those of you with a lower soul evolution level and less Luman Soul DNA to those of you who are highly evolved souls with a great deal of Luman Soul DNA.  We shall strive to speak in generalities, anticipating that you will naturally shift your understanding of the intention and action to meet your evolution and Soul DNA balance.

To do this, simply allow the information provided into your right brain thinking (We will go into that further) and allow it to align to your current Soul self knowing. If this last bit sounds confusion, know that the confusion is a sign of you attempting to understand from the left or linear or Human side of your brain…not the right or creative or Hybrid portion.

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