Thinking Like a Hybrid Part 2

Oh, what a cacophony!  What a denial of understanding! 

Thank you for the confusion about and denial to the information We, the Mountains of the World just shared.  You confirmed Our position to the rest of the Cosmic realm!  They now understand what has created a portion of the delay – your unwillingness to accept the mantle of Hybrid.  Silly you!

To address what seems to have created your denial…Yes, you can differentiate between thinking with your left brain (linear/Human brain) and your right brain (creative/Hybrid brain).  This is one of the many talents We highly encourage you to develop into a skill…having the ability to know

  • Which ‘brain’ you are experiencing a situation;
  • Which ‘brain’ is creating your thoughts around a situation;
  • Which ‘brain’ is triggering the emotions you experience from a situation; and
  • Which ‘brain’ is creating solutions to alleviate/eliminate/continue a situation.

How do you develop this talent into a skill?  Quite simply…Listen to your thoughts.  Pay attention to what thoughts, concepts, outcomes, and scenarios your amazing mind creates from a thought or actual situation.

If the thoughts are limiting/negative/fear based/or of concern…they are most likely the thoughts you have trained yourself to think when you were trying desperately to fit into being Human.

If the thoughts are expansive/optimistic/solution based/or developed with the concept of ‘what can I learn from this scenario…they are most likely thoughts from your Hybrid self.

Notice:  We did not infer in any way that the thoughts of ‘safety’ are Human thoughts.  We and the Cosmic realm fully acknowledges that there are very real threats to your physical body on the Earth plane.  And, as We watch, the reality is that very little of what you prepare for in the arena of personal safety is truly for the physical body…it is typically safety for your fragile Human psyche.

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