Living As Your Hybrid Self

Once you begin to think as your Hybrid self, you are more easily able to live as your Hybrid self!

What does this mean????? You ask.

It means not being restricted by the human norms you have thus far understood as your own norm.  These ‘human norms’ are many and varied – they are small and large – they define the human experience which is not necessarily intended to be Your experience…You are a Hybrid (remember!).

We, the Mountains of the World, will spend the next few communications identifying just a few of the human norms that many Hybrids do not need align with or be restricted by.  At this point in time, We consider the fact that you are aligning with and being restricted by them as a matter of habit and not knowing there are options.  Let Us illuminate you.

To begin this enlightenment, We believe it best to share just a few of the possibilities.  We will expand upon these possibilities and how you might be guided (by your Hybrid Self) to experience in the physical.

Possibilities, the degree of which is determined by your own unique Human/Luman Soul DNA Mix (that which makes you Hybrid) include:

  • Perception and therefore experience of space and time (a biggie),
  • Experience of physical body functions (a Hybrid in a physical body operates differently than a Human in a physical body),
  • Connections with the Luman realm,
  • Ability to shape-shift both Self and what is considered non-animate objects,
  • Blending of different realms to create a physical Earth plane experience.

Again, each of you will have your own expansions and personal limitations.  We expect that many of those will be Human self (that part of you which is Human) created and lived.  The choice is yours.

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