Living as Your Hybrid Self – The Time/Space Continuum

We shall begin with the perceptions of space and time.  There is truly a significant difference in experience of space and time on the Earth plane when approaching it from a Hybrid perspective.

We, the Mountains of the World, live in yet another space/time continuum which allows for the age we have active as calculated by Humans.

As a Hybrid soul on the Earth plane who, for many, many Earth years and soul incarnations has lived as a Human, this shift in perspective will most likely be very difficult to fathom, much less actualize.

To begin with, space and time are not linear nor fixed. 

Secondly, how one perceives space and time is directly related to how one experiences space and time.

To live in space and time differently, therefore, one must perceive both as non-linear and both as malleable via thought forms. (Didn’t We say it would be a mental stretch!)

The first step to begin living space and time differently is to experiment/play/engage a particular space/time scenario and perceive it as malleable. As We watch, one scenario might be to anticipate arriving early to a destination which, in the Human experience, you would have arrived late. Begin playing with these small steps.  We understand it will be much easier to ‘get your mind around the possibility’ if you are in ‘need of it being malleable’.

In time, become aware that you can create (manifest) at amazing speed and with great accuracy of time and space.  This is one of the best uses of the Hybrid experience of time and space.

Ready for a second possibility?  If not, stop, consider, and experience time and space differently.

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