Living as Your Hybrid Self – Physical Body Functions

At this time, you are assuming your physical body can only follow the rules as outlined by Earth science of how a physical body functions. This is not a totally true statement for any Hybrid Soul and is definitely not true for those with a higher percentage of Luman Soul DNA.

And you say…but that is how my physical body functions…in the manner defined by the scientific community.

We, the Mountains of the World, are aware that your statement reflects your experience.  What We are sharing is that with an awareness of different possibilities, your experience(s) would be much different.

Depending upon your percentage of Human to Luman Soul DNA, the differences (once you are aware of them and align to the new possibilities) are significant and they all fall into the same relative categories.

Specifically, as a Hybrid (no matter your Human to Luman Soul DNA), if you choose, your physical body can function differently in the following areas:

  • Relationship to Aging
  • Relationship to Weight
  • Relationship to Mental and Emotional Capacity
  • Relationship to Muscle Strength
  • Relationship to Stress

Many of you have already known (as in a ‘knowing’) that you functioned differently.  Often, you have convinced yourself that this ‘knowing’ is crazy and inaccurate. 

It is not!  As a Hybrid in a physical human body, your frequency creates a different functioning.  How different is based upon a number of variables:

  1. Your percentage of Luman Soul DNA (the higher the percentage, the greater the difference)
  2. Your willingness to algin to your Hybrid Self (the more you align, the greater the difference)
  3. Your desire to align with Humans…to fit in to the Human world (the greater the desire, the less the difference)
  4. And, with this information, your acceptance of the possibilities.

We shall expound further….

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