Living as Your Hybrid Self – Relationship to Aging

Have you ever heard someone remark that another person seems to be getting younger rather than getting older?  Have you thought this yourself and wondered how it could be possible?

The effects of aging on a Hybrid Earth body can be experienced very differently than the typical Earth body.  Specifically, at a certain Earth age, the body seems to not age at all, leaving the impression that the individual is becoming younger. 

We, the Mountains of the World, wish you to know that as a Hybrid, once you have reached the Earth age of around sixty years, you have the ability (with an acceptance of your Hybrid-ness) to simply not age for many more years.

The exact age this occurs at and how long this continues is largely dependent upon your willingness to accept your Hybrid Self and your mix of Human and Luman Soul DNA.  Your intended Soul experiencing also play a role as well as your desire to ‘play human’. 

This adjustment in the aging process does not typically continue for more than twenty Earth years; can be truncated; and is always amazing to Humans.  Again, your comfort with appearing (and being) younger than Humans of your same age, also determines how long this continues.

At a certain point, determined as We have indicated, the Hybrid Earth body simply resumes aging, with the Hybrid Soul continuing to appear younger as they grow older.

A question We hope you would ask is…Why would this aging difference be desired?

Simply put…the answer is that most Hybrids do not align with their Hybrid potential until a more mature age.  Allowing the physical Earth body to shift its aging process allows an aware and awake Hybrid to bring more value to the Earth plane and the Cosmic agenda.

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