Living as Your Hybrid Self – Relationship to Weight

With the explanation We, the Mountains of the World, have provided for the unique Hybrid relationship to physical Earth body aging, the relationship to weight does not likely come as a surprise to any Hybrid engaging in these communications.

This is one area you, the Hybrid in a Human Earth body, have already become aware of differences and, most likely, denied them.  As We perceive it, many of you use the Earth diet phenomena to ‘play Human’.  You use weight and the challenges it brings many Humans as a way to align with the Human population.

Given your awakening as a Hybrid and the information We are providing on this topic, you may choose to no longer engage in the diet struggle and simply become aware of what your body prefers to stay healthy.

The difference in this arena is largely based upon the percentage of Human to Luman Soul DNA.

The more Human Soul DNA, the more likely your body aligns with the scientifically defined ways in which a Human body uses food to produce energy; store fat; and optimize its physical functions.

The more Luman Soul DNA, the less alignment to the Human body’s relationship to food and therefore health with weight being an element in the health quotient.  In fact, the more Luman Soul DNA, the more likely you are to have great difficulty on typical Human ‘diets’ as your body is most likely functioning in a very different manner. The foods a Human body needs to optimize its physical function may be the very foods that create a negative reaction in your Earth body. 

There are no ‘rules’ for a Hybrid Earth body.  Each Hybrid earth body functions differently depending upon the Luman to Human Soul DNA, the Soul agenda, and the acceptance by the Hybrid of their Hybridness.

We recommend you begin to notice how your body aligns to the scientific understanding of the Earth Human body.  With this noticing, you can begin to realign your thinking and engagement with nutrients.  This realignment affects your Earth body’s weight and aging.

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