Thinking Like a Hybrid Part 3

Several communications ago, We, the Mountains of the World, shared a bit about thinking like a Hybrid. In listening to your thoughts and concerns, We realized there is another aspect to such which must be shared.

Thinking like a Hybrid is not a concept to simply be considered.  Thinking like a Hybrid can only be accomplished through practice.  You have practiced for many Earth years and sometimes Earth iterations to think like a Human.  It may take some time to adjust to thinking/perceiving/realizing a situation from a Hybrid perspective.

We, the Mountains of the World, understand there are several modalities each of you can employ to build the talent of thinking like a Hybrid into the automatic skill of thinking like a Hybrid.  And, it is going to take focus and intention.


  1. Listen to your thoughts on any situation.  To make it easier, focus on those situations which are creating worrisome thoughts.
  2. Once you have recognized a worrisome thought, see yourself shifting from a very well developed and still useful left brain to a typically less developed and incredibly dynamic yet ignored right brain.
  3. Ask your right brain how you might perceive the situation/comment/scenario/news broadcast (We see many of you responding negatively to these) in a positive light…a light of learning and evolving.

Practice this at least once a day until you realize you are having very few worrisome thoughts.  As you practice and make this shift of thinking, you will encounter Humans whose thinking you simply cannot perceive.  Know that you would have been able to understand their thinking only a short time earlier.  This is how quickly you can develop the ability to think as a Hybrid into a skill.

Honor all thinking – Live in your own!

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