Living as Your Hybrid Self – Relationship to Mental and Emotional Capacity

This relationship appears quite obvious.  As a Hybrid, at any level of Luman Soul DNA and Soul evolution, you have a greater capacity in both the mental and emotional arena. 

Yet We, the Mountains of the World, wish to speak further about these relationships and capacities for they are not ‘straight forward’ in Our opinion and observations.

Let Us begin speaking to the Hybrid mental capacity.  As a Hybrid, you are not necessarily endowed with a higher IQ…rather, the IQ you have operates differently from that of Humans with a similar IQ as tested by the Human tests.  You have a different ‘IQ viewpoint’ allowing you greater awareness and appreciation for the manner in which events and energies interchange.

The Hybrid emotional capacity (which We understand you know as EQ) is typically greater than the emotional capacity of most humans.  We say typically as a soul experiencing of a lower EQ can be chosen by Hybrids.  For those Hybrids whose soul experiencing agenda does not include a lower EQ, the EQ capacity is significantly greater than most humans.  This can appear as intuition or simply expanded awareness. In either case, an ability to perceive the forces at play/work in most situations.

We must also note…greater capacity in both areas – can overflow and create high sensitivity.  If you, living as a Hybrid being, notice this occurring, simply relax and reframe.  It is you simply living your Hybrid uniqueness without appreciating the various impacts of such.

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