Living as Your Hybrid Self – Physical Body Functions

You are living in a physical human body.  Therefore, you have assumed all along that your bodily functions were like those of other humans.  And, that was mostly true until the frequency transition reached a certain point.  That point has now been passed and the Earth plane and its inhabitants are now beginning to/able to notice some ‘changes’.

One of these is the difference in how some ‘humans’ are being effected by the energy shift.  Some humans, especially in the scientific field, are noticing that some ‘humans’ are being physically affected differently than other ‘humans.’

We, the Mountains of the World, know this to be the difference between Humans and Hybrids in physical bodies.  How, you might ask, would Soul DNA differences create different experiences within a human body form?

The answer is very simple.  The Soul DNA difference relate to the frequency shifts differently which accounts for affects of the frequency alignments and frequency affects the human body form, creating a very direct relationship.

This is the Why…next is the How it may manifest.

Contemplate the differences you may have already noted or become aware of in conversations. The more you become aware the better able you are to understand yourself and the human population. The more you become aware, the more hints you have to who may be other Hybrids living in your proximity, whether awake and aware or not. The human body function does not change.

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